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Just Kids Nostalgia Presents The Wabash Railroad Archives 1909-1932

Just Kids has thousands of documents in newly uncovered Historical Archives. Check it out now on eBay.

We have recently acquired an archive of legal documents pertaining to the Wabash Railroad.

The contents of this lot are of historical importance and cover much of the legal proceedings of the Wabash Railroad during the 1900s to the 1930s.

Included in this archive are legal documents, court rulings, ledger pages, signed letters with company letterheads, hand written notes, maps, land acquisitions, telegrams, invoicing for services and products issued to the Wabash by other companies.

There are thousands and thousands of pages of railroad history.
-Ledger pages from Wabash & Ann Arbor Railroads
-Maps of Railroad Routes
-Government pamphlets pertaining to RR laws and treaties.
-Document titles like, "Investigation of Alleged Circulation of False Rumors with Intent of Depressing Stock."
-Purchase of Coal Lands
-Transfers of Stocks & Bonds (We found no stock certificates in the opened bundles).
-Mortgage Reorganization with financial information and hundreds of letters from banks.
-Annual reports
-Bankruptcy documents
-Letters written by corporate executives to government agencies, lawyers, other corporations and to other recipients.

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