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Just Kids on eBay - Paperback Book Cover Paintings-Original Art-Sci Fi, Western, Gothic

Big week for Original Art at Just Kids on eBay this week.

First: 200 original comic illustrations from the 1930s

Second: Around 25 paperback book cover paintings from the 1960 thru 1980s.

Sexy Sci Fi, Action filled Western, Moody Gothic and Sultry Romance.

See this selection on eBay before it disappears in a few days.

Just Kids on eBay - 200 Pieces of 1930s Artwork-Comic Artists, Illustrators, Cartoonists

This week, Just Kids is offering one of the finest and most interesting collections of original art that that has been offered in years, "The Louis Staub Collection" on eBay.

Louis N. Staub was a NYC printer during the 1930s.

His collection is comprised of 200 pieces of original art created by some of the most famous comic artists and illustrators of the time. Some artists created elaborate stories that included or poked fun of Louis Staub, others drew a sketch of the character they were most famous for and a few simply sent back an autograph.

He set out to collect artwork from his favorite artists by sending them a 6" x 9.5" blank sheet of paper and a stamp self addressed envelope.

Well it worked and we are offering the results. His family kept this collection safe for over 80 years and they are ready to part with it now.

Some of the high points include...

Segar's Popeye
Chester Gould's Dick Tracy
George Herriman's Krazy Kat
Pat Sullivan's Felix The Cat
Harold Gray's Orphan Annie
Dick Calkin's Buck Rogers
Johnny Gruelle's Raggedy Ann
Howard Chandler Christy
Numerous other illustrators, cartoonists & comic artists.

All on eBay right now!

Just Kids Nostalgia Gives Shout Out to It's Only Rock n Roll

Just Kids Nostalgia would like to share a link to a friends website...
It's Only Rock n Roll!

They are offering up some museum quality Beatles and Rock & Roll Memorabilia. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

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